Bulgaria & Denmark

BulgariaEquinox: Bones

What is life? Equinox asks the important questions in this serious yet sensual song.

As a Eurovision rookie, I feel prematurely emotionally attached to this group, who will perform together for the first time during the semi-finals.

I hope they bring the rainbow prism machine on stage, because it adds a whole new mysterious dimension to the song; word on the street is Bulgaria have been a favourite before the group were even formed- doesn’t get much more mysterious than that!

My only concern for this group is that they follow each other, ‘deep into the unknown’ and forget to open their eyes and fall off the stage; regardless, I predict they’ll love beyond bones straight into the finals.

Review: Georgina Binns


DenmarkRasmussen: Higher Ground

I’m going to be honest, I wanted to review Rasmussen because of his beard.

Fortunately, his beard didn’t let me down. The choreography on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment. Rasmussen is pretty decent at singing and stomping and looking like a Viking though, and thank goodness for the wind machine. I also really like how the back-up dancers don’t try and show him up.

Higher Ground is apparently based on a Viking who refused to fight. I’m confused as to how this Viking even got the job of leading a crew of warriors into battle when he was a lover, not a fighter?

There is a great pitch change towards to the end, which does kind of make you feel like loving instead of fighting.

And his beard really is great.

I give this act 3 beards out of 5 beards.

Review: Georgina Binns