Italy, Israel, Spain

Italy: Due Vite by Marco Mengoni

Wow, with this performance, he set himself apart from other singers. I really like his beautiful voice which takes me to different moods during the performance. Marco Mengoni killing it this time. This song is stunning! Sensational! I simply cannot stop listening to his divine vocals. Universal!  Absolutely everything about it is great! From Australia I’m sending my love and my vote.  Brava Italia!

Review by Chathuranga Dharmarathne

Israel: Unicorn by Noa Kirel

Stunning Noa Kirel performs amazingly. I love the meaning of this song, such a phenomenal and upbeat song! I like the “Older stories time to go away”, “I am gonna stand here like a Unicorn” phrases. She just sings effortlessly, and her voice has that superpower. So far, the best performance this year. Israel consistently creates the most creative and excellent unbeatable performance. I’m excited to see this fire girl perform on stage. From Australia I’m sending my love and my vote.  

Review by Chathuranga Dharmarathne

Spain: Eaea by Blanca Paloma

Conveniently enough I just came back from a trip to Spain (where they’re still playing Slow Mo in the bars), and I’d love to incorporate some of what I learned into this review. Spanish culture, especially in southern Spain (where singer Blanca Paloma comes from), is a rich and complex tapestry woven through history. Hispanic, Moorish, Jewish, and Indigenous Iberian influences all left indelible marks on the language, architecture, arts, and music. Unfortunately, the cruel Spanish Inquisition starting in 1492 pushed out the Moors and Jews, among others, leaving behind only their art and music.

Paloma manages to channel much of the sadness of traditional flamenco and cante jondo, evoking a feeling of pain. I mean it. The song is painful. Could function as a torture device worthy of the Spanish Inquisition. Please get exiled to Morocco ASAP.

Review by Scott Fabricant

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