Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

Portugal: Ai Coração by Mimicat

As a Brazilian I am always looking for a reason to criticise Portugal. This time I did not have to go very far. The song is a completely generic love song. The video clip does not match the actual lyrics. If I did not understand the language, I would conclude this was a party song and have a good time. Perhaps you can still do that.  

Review by Marilia Fernandes Erickson

Comment from Hansani: Very energetic performance, superb dancing, costumes are well-prepared and eye-catching.

Norway: Queen of Kings by Alessandra

After last year’s masterpiece, I was really looking forward to Norway’s entry this year. It was enjoyable, which is another way of saying mediocre. I like the theme of the song, and I think it had a nice mix of medieval with modern day music with just enough of a piraty vibe. Still, everything managed to fall flat, the lyrics, much like the videoclip, didn’t travel any seas; the outfits were boring, the setting was dull. Unlike the Queen of Kings, this song will probably not conquer much. 

Review by Marilia Fernandes Erickson

Sweden: Tattoo by Loreen

I love the line “you stuck on me like a tattoo” just because it is so inaccurate. Whoever wrote this clearly never got a tattoo and they don’t “stick on anyone, they are an engraving of pain, which is honestly a much better analogy of how relationships go, a bundle of painful lines that make a beautiful piece of art. 

The song itself is overly dramatic, the vocals, the lyrics, the effects. But all I could think is: what is going on with those nails? Yet another inaccuracy with the tattoo analogy, is that they don’t tend to leave – ever. So, it seems there is no one stuck to you. And this performance will not stick either.

Review by Marilia Fernandes Erickson

Switzerland: Watergun by Remo Forrer

This song has a beautiful message of human fragility. There is a subtle critique of toxic masculinity, and how boys are raised to be engaged in war, when the reality of war is so different than child’s play. I think the softness of the voice and the slow pacing really works well with the message. It also comes at a time when people need to hear it. Surprisingly I have nothing bad to say, but I do wish there were more verses and less chorus, as I think there is still so much more that could have been said.

Review by Marilia Fernandes Erickson

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