Georgia, Greece, Lativa

Georgia: Echo by Iru

Georgia’s entry could be best described as an acoustic wall of drums, ethnic pipes and high pitch wailing that persist relentlessly for the full three minutes, coupled with possibly the most incomprehensible lyrics of the competition (‘life is love – thing is known – like in dream’). The flowing gowns could do well with heavy wind machines on stage though! Worst case, it makes it into the finales.

Review by Mariella Herberstein

Greece: What They Say by Victor Vernicos

Victor is the youngest entry from Greece at Eurovision ever! He wrote this song when he was 14 and that is exactly what it is – messy emotions, drama, wooden lyrics, homogenous melody and somewhat devoid of rhythm. Despite a great voice and possibly the most excellent pairing of school uniform shorts with high lace up Doc Martins, what I would say is: no more than the semis.

Review by Mariella Herberstein

Lativa: Aijā by Sudden Lights

Sudden Lights are a proper indi band performing a complex, delicate, lyrically sophisticated song that playfully pitches the vocals against an instrument heavy background. No key-change, little chance of wind machines, no crescendo, limited scope for on stage shenanigans and no catchy chorus for the in-house audience to sing along to. You know what that means…. exit in the semis.

Review by Mariella Herberstein