About us

We are a group of evolutionary biologists who like to tackle paradoxes….and what is more paradoxical than Eurovision?? Every year in May, we dedicate ourselves to the cause, and review all the songs, make predictions and most of all, wonder why this event exists in the first place.

The highlight of our research activity is the Eurovision sweepstakes culminating in the departmental morning tea, where winners and losers (often difficult to distinguish) are announced.

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  1. Oh my god! that is hilarious. Do you think Aarons hair is real or a wig ? I say it is a wig that looks like it is about to slide off. Brilliant!

  2. Guys,

    I am delighted to see this online. I am so very happy to participate from Canberra (living here makes me feel a little like I am living in a trance-like, pseudo-Eurovision-like state [as in a state of alternate reality, not as in polity]) so seeing the BIOL celebration of Eurovision is my kind of connection back to reality.

    Confused? Yeah me too. Maybe I should come back to work.


    continuing to live in delusion,



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