New to Eurovision? Here is your guide

What is it all about?

While historians are unsure WHY we have Eurovision, it is a fact that we have had Eurovision for over 50 years. The official Eurovision website unfortunately cannot offer a definition, but for the Latvian entry Aisha it is ‘a dream come true’!

In the past, Eurovision has  been described as: ‘a musical holocaust’ and as ‘an intellectual and spiritual Hiroshima’.

The rules?

The official rules state that each participating country performs an original song live. The unofficial rules state that the performance must include wind machines, key changes, waxed chests, spray-on tan, either a lady in a long flowing dress or a hair metal band. The use of a piano accordion on stage is strictly forbidden.

Douze Points?

Each participating country allocates points to their favourite songs (excluding their own country’s song). The points & countries are announced in English and French. The maximum is 12 (Douze). As there are many more than 12 contestants, many will go empty handed (usually the UK).

2009 Greek entry Sakis Rova

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