The Eurovision paradox: an evolutionary perspective

From an evolutionary perspective, Eurovision should have gone extinct decades ago, but its persistence can only be considered one of the greatest evolutionary paradoxes (closely followed by the Lek paradox).

Here we aim to quantify (via expert reviews) the considerable costs of Eurovision on individuals (the music, the fashion, the hype, the music…..have I mentioned that already?) and search for any tangible benefit that might explain its the evolutionary maintenance.

We will not spare costs, health or sanity to explore and analyse the all entries to generate an explanatory model for Eurovision. Regular updates will document our perilous objective!

One Reply to “The Eurovision paradox: an evolutionary perspective”

  1. I hypothesise that entering Eurovision is rather like a costly courtship display … it’s not always a reliable indicator of quality, and it’s not necessarily honest, but invest sufficient arm-waving, bright colours, reflective ornaments, and rhythmic beats, and someone, somewhere, will be fooled.

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