Austria, Belarus & Cyprus

AustriaCesár Sampson: Nobody but you

According to his bio, Cesár is ‘not unknown’ in Austria.  Oh how I do struggle with double negatives! Setting aside his alleged fame, Cesár dishes up a catchy soul number that is probably good enough to get him through the semis, but imminently forgettable for any decent points in the finales.

Review: Mariella Herberstein

BelarusAlekseev: Forever

Alekseev is Belarus’ Petshop Boy, but he is having much less fun than the original duo. Is it the endless rain falling in this song or the beige knitwear? We will never know. However, Eurovision has had its share of sad young men with last year’s winner Salvador and so I fear Alekseev will go no further than the semis.

Review: Mariella Herberstein

CyprusEleni Foureira: Fuego

Eleni had a summer hit in 2010 and all it takes for a Eurovision winner:  catchy tune – check; legs (two) – check; marvellous hair flowing in wind created by wind machines – check. I think this will go far at Eurovision or at least Eleni will have another summer hit, on rotation in Club Med discotheques all along the Black Sea.

Review: Mariella Herberstein