Eurovision is back!!!!

Friends of fine music! I am so excited that Eurovision has emerged from its COVID-induced slumber.

12 months ago, we were all geared up to go to Rotterdam for the 2020 Eurovision spectacular when the pandemic cruelly denied us and left us in musical limbo. But now, with the event on the horizon, smiles are returning and COVID cases all around Europe are falling….just a correlation??? Me thinks not!

What can we expect? Has this artistic hiatus propelled the entries to greater heights of song quality and delivery? Has the global existential crisis provoked philosophical insights and empathy for the struggles of humanity?

Not in the least!!! If anything, Eurovision went back in time (circa 1992) with an motley collection of retro-fixes and soap-bubbles. I simply love it!!!

So, join me and my team of Eurovision experts (Club Douze Points) for song reviews and insights!

We will crown the 2021 Eurovision festival with an evening at the Salisbury Hotel in Sydney (May 23 from 6pm) hosted by the NSW Queers in Science. Join us for some nibbles on the house and a lot of fun! Register here for literally no money at all!

Mariella & Club Douze Points