Azerbaijan, Croatia, Iceland

Azerbaijan: Tell Me More by TuralTuranX

Eurovision is awash with twins – from the Kessler twins (Germany 1959) to the worst twins of all times: Ireland’s Jedward (2011 and 2012). Tural and Turan are comparatively agreeable and cordial – their song best suited for the closing credits of a Netflix rom-com.

Reviewed by Mariella Herberstein

Croatia: Mama ŠČ! by Let 3

I so want to love Let 3’s punk song about mommy who got herself a tractor and kissed a moron (well, haven’t we all, at some stage?). But, man, the song is hard going and likely to divide the voters – those who appreciate the anti- war and right-wing message and those who think it’s simply dreadful. Both would be right!

Reviewed by Mariella Herberstein

Iceland: Power by Diljá

Iceland’s Dilja is a force of nature bringing energy, power and on-stage fog. Wearing a glittering oversized suit, Diljá’s voice sores over a thumping beat with a catchy chorus of female empowerment… yet, the song is somewhat repetitive, without the build-up that takes us to the much-anticipated key-change.  In a year with many strong female contributions, Iceland might just not stand out enough.

Reviewed by Mariella Herberstein

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