Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands

Ireland: We Are One by Wild Youth

Love the beats. Lyrics just blew my mind. Hijacks my heart. Incredible presentation. Love the way they cover their faces and remain covered until the song finishes. What more can I say? Have to create new words for ‘great’. “We are one in one and thousands of the world if exist. Music has the power that can hold everyone in the world and beyond the world together in one frame. Ireland, and this song are definitely the winner for me. Listening to it and trying to get all the energy the song carries.

Reviewed by Shatabdi Paul

Switzerland: Watergun by Remo Forrer

The beats and music are just the thing that caught my attention when I heard it for the first time. No gun, no war, just peace। The desire of this song lies in peace. I feel like this song is a song dedicated to all and has the potential to make connections with many people.

Reviewed by Shatabdi Paul

Netherlands: Burning Daylight by Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

I can feel the grief in their soft, slow pitch and repetition of the words “goodbye old life”. When listening to this song, I feel like this is my life. Constantly losing here, stumbling, getting knocked back again and again. There is no joy anywhere in life, if there is no joy there is no peace. Life is a burning day, a terrible night. Maybe this song gives sad vibes to some other people, I am getting energy from this song, good for my type. Hope for the best, let’s see how far it can go.

Reviewed by Shatabdi Paul

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