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UK: I Wrote a Song by Mae Muller

A catchy enough tune and some excellent life advice for people to take on board when they feel wronged. If only this song had come out a year and a bit ago. I can hand-on-heart say that the world would be a better place if old mate Vlad had written a sassy song instead of invading Ukraine. Just to add to the mental image I would also encourage him to get a manicure to match Mae Muller. This song is pleasant enough but probably not a title contender, however for giving me the mental image of Mr Putin with huge talon fingernails singing a song about how he feels betrayed I am giving this song a 3.5/5

 Review by Louis O’Neill

Hansani: Energetic and creative performance, love the lyrics and music, very danceable song.

Spain: Eaea by Blanca Paloma

Blanca Paloma has an impressive and powerful voice. The dancers really got enthusiastic with their rowing performance, but it just didn’t feel like it had enough flair or pazzaz to win Eurovision, perhaps they’re saving their full potential for the big night. Also of concern is the fear that the lead singer is heading up the progression from high-waisted trousers to half-body trousers – a risk that we should all keep an eye on. 3/5

 Review by Louis O’Neill

Romania: D.G.T. (Off and On) by Theodor Andrei

The highlight was a sudden wardrobe change which really sums up this entry. It appears to heavily rely on sex appeal, lacking a catchy tune or Eurovision style extravagance. 2/5

 Review by Louis O’Neill

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